May 17th, 2002



Last night's rehearsal made me feel even less confident than Monday night's. Getting onto the orchestra is much harder than usual. Sometimes because there is little relationship between what they are doing and what we are doing, and sometimes because there is so much going on that I can't make out any of it.
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I don't feel so well

I am headachey again today. Maybe because I didn't get enough sleep and I'm fretting. It helped to get an email from Jim, who had some things to say about the performance and rehearsals and what's coming in the fall, or not. I felt better hearing his bitches, for some reason.

coming together

We went through most of the requiem tonight, going back over several parts that needed some cleaning up, and it is sounding good. I am feeling better already. My knees didn't much like all the standing, yet I feel okay now. They seem to have taken it well overall, better than in past performances.

Bitty liked the music. It is so exciting and varied, and she noticed all the colors and textures in it.