May 11th, 2002



I had trouble getting comfortable in bed tonight. I changed direction, put a pillow between my knees, tore up the sheets and blankets, and couldn't get warm. Then I developed the start of a headache, and now I am sniffling and feeling generally unwell. Oh yeah, my right arm hurts, like I'd been lifting heavy weights with it (which I haven't). So now I am up. I turned on the heat to warm the house (maybe it'll keep long enough to get me to sleep later; I don't want to leave it on because it will make me sick). Maybe I'll take a nice warm bath.
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somewhat. I should go back to bed. My head is a little better but not too promising. I want it all better. I'm tired.


The house finches love my new feeder. It's such a pretty feeder, too. It is made of clear acrylic, includes a dish for the food and a dome above to protect from weather and from larger birds (you can adjust the height). I am going to snag my camera and have it at the ready.

trying to get a thing done

I am off to a very slow start today. Which I anticipated, after being up half the night. I just went to Marigold Center to get a NewTimes to check movie times. I wanted to go to the 1:30 showing of Unfaithful, thought maybe I'd walk downtown for that. I went to Fantastic Sam's, found out they are not doing color today because they only have three stylists working and one is about to leave. So I went to Skin Deep and waited interminably while a woman made an appointment for another Judy. The store was crowded! There were five people behind the counter but only one could make appointments. I finally made the only available appointment for today for waxing, at 1:45. So I'll go to the 4:30 showing of Unfaithful. In the meantime, I think I should do Tracie.


I got the hairs pulled offa my face, and I got film to the developer, and I bought a couple of pitchers to hold bird seed, and I just started some soup, which is looking good.

Today is my day to change the sheets on my bed and I haven't done that yet. Perhaps before I leave for the movie.

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I got Tracie done before going to get waxed. That tape isn't as hard on my knees or calves as the Kathy Smith one. Something about the way the moves are designed. Of course, it is strength-building primarily, whereas Kathy's is primarily aerobic, so I tend to be pounding my feet more in that one.


I might do well in a nunnery or monastery. That is, if I were left alone and didn't have to do the God stuff. Which, I guess, lets those places out.

I spend so much time by myself even when I am among many people. I am not sure why I am this way or if I can do anything about it.

wish I had more energy

I want to write about "Unfaithful" but it will wait until I have the energy for it. For the millions of you who were waiting anxiously for some word on this movie, here it is: video.