May 4th, 2002


off to a slow start

I got up after seven and have been lounging. I'm not dressed yet. Simba has insinuated himself into my lap several times. I am eating a bagel, drinking coffee.

Mary called last night. She's not making enough money and is looking at getting an additional job. Impossible. We talked of Elaine's search for work, Mary mentioned Vet's assistant. Maybe there is one of those out there.


I put the new red sheets on my bed. Nice. A young man just came to the door and asked if I'd like him to re screen my windows. We agreed on which and how much and he's doing it. If he does a decent job this will be good, right in line with my home improvement plans. Little steps, you know.


Now most of the windows have screens. Very cool. And they look nice. Now I feel more inclined to wash the windows. Or lie down. One of the two.


I went to the gym and used a life cycle for 45 minutes. I didn't want to think, just wanted to do, so I brought my book. Even with that, it was incredibly boring. But I did it. So I'm glad.