May 3rd, 2002



I am so stiff today, and have been. I need to get back to taking flax seed oil capsules, drinking lots and lots of water, and in the meantime taking pain pills. Whatever it takes.

lordy it's 6:32...later...later

I have been home from work for a while now. I have eaten stuff and taken a nap with cats. I have played solitaire. I took the trash out. I need to do an exercise video and call it good so I am announcing that here.

Earlier I actually returned some sandals Mary bought me that didn't fit. She'll be proud that I got around to it. I also bought a new bath mat and some sheets. Red! The sheets, anyway.

I am feeling more rested now. Yesterday I was just lost, it seemed. Today went better.

I am finding it difficult to do it all. Get the exercise in, work on projects, work on the house. So I have to make small places for each. Small amounts of time.

Tracie Tracie

This video always keeps me moving so much the time almost goes quickly. I always feel like I have done something after, too. Now I need to feed the muscles...