May 2nd, 2002


back pain

The pain is bad enough to get me to the chiropractor. I got an appointment at 11;45 this morning, fortunately. It may be just a reaction to the long Las Vegas trip. It's making me almost hunch over. Probably I should be taking some pain meds but I'll wait until Deborah sees it.
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and the book...

I am well into Burroughs' book. I am finding some similarities with other books written at about the same time or earlier, by certain writers like Heinlein. An emphasis on sex, and particularly on male sex. The women in this book are procreators. I don't think any have any names. I think it would be difficult for most women to like this book. I am becoming a little fond of the private investigator as a person, but the other characters are not much more than hollow shells.

Is it me? I wonder sometimes. I found Heinlein's work simplistic and his characters cardboard, yet there are so many people out there who worship him. What am I missing with some of these writers?
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getting stuff done

I went to the medical clinic yesterday and requested a copy of my file. There was no problem at all. I just had to fill out a form and show identification. The cost will be a fixed $15 plus 25 cents per page, which I don't mind. It will take about three weeks, which I also don't mind. What a relief. Now, whether or not the clinic stays in business I will have 20 years' of records, and I can look up things like my knees. If I can make sense of them.


The massage person Deborah employs worked on my back and neck, and Deborah worked more on my back, said it was actually better than last time. But my knees. She said it's time for the orthopedist. She wants me to get a complete diagnosis so I can avoid any more of these injuries and get to strengthening the right muscles the right way. She didn't want to give me any exercises to do now in case they would aggravate my condition.

When she asked what else I'd been doing I said "hiking". She nodded, said, "downhill." and "Why can't you just stay on the treadmill?". I said, "But I like climbing." She said she has another patient who has trouble going uphill so we'd make a good pair: I could go up and he could go down. Later I thought, what if I just climb up and take the elevator down?

So I try to make an appointment

I have called two of the orthopedists Deborah recommended. Both have to get back to me because they don't know what times will be available. One said appointments are three weeks away. I had no idea they would be so busy.

The women taking the information gave me the third degree on my knees. It is hard for me to explain what is going on because it isn't simple. It isn't an injury, or at least not a recent one. I have pains in more than one place and at different times. Maybe I will have all of my medical records by the time I get an appointment, but I doubt that will help much.

I forgot to bring my cell phone with me today. It would have been convenient to give them that number to call. Instead, I gave my home number so there will probably be messages when I get home.

(no subject)

Fox trot tonight. I danced most of the night with Karsten, who mainly wanted to talk. We didn't do the trickier moves often, unfortunately. But anyway, I did learn something. Karsten thinks I learn very quickly although of course I forget between classes. He says if you come away from a class retaining 10% that's doing well.

My right leg is simply not doing well at all. The first orthopedist's secretary called to say he can't take me on. So now I am down to two. What is up with this?

Actually, I did learn part of what is up. Deborah told me SLO county is classified "rural" by insurance standards and by California law rural doctors get reimbursed considerably less than urban. A strange law. She has been trying to find out who is responsible, what needs to change, and gets the run-around. The upshot is that there is no incentive to work in this profession in this expensive county. The docs are moving out in droves. The podiatrist I saw last month is moving to Arkansas, where he can live more cheaply and get paid more. Hard to pass up, I guess.