April 15th, 2002


plus and minus

My cold seems almost over. Just a little sniffle now, less congestion. But my right leg still hurts, maybe more than before. I think it will heal on its own if I give it time. THat's a big "if", though. I have laid off my regular exercise routine for too long already, and I'll be missing it again this weekend when I am in Desert Hot Springs.

fifteen minutes of something other than fame

Cleaning the "utility room", that's what. Fifteen minutes of that. My utility room is about the size of a closet in a normal kind of home, only less convenient. I cleared off the dryer, cleaned it, polished it, cleaned out the little cupboard above it, put stuff in it, cleared off the washer. I need to get the tools out of the way so I stop tripping over them, and I need to clean the bathroom sufficiently to allow me to put the litter box in there. Make some room next to the dryer. Socks are always falling into the litter. Not that Simba cares much.

War Requiem

I worked on the last movement of the war requiem and now am listening to a CD of it. It is so powerful, so hopeless, so desperate. Wonderful. I tried singing with the recording.

I wasn't able to keep up with the faster parts mainly because so much is going on it was difficult to find my place, given the way the rhythm changes and speeds up. It will be easier in a group but it's sobering.
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    Britten's War Requiem