April 14th, 2002


cell phone

I am enjoying my cell phone absurdly. This is a woman who said, "I will never be in the supermarket talking on the phone, asking which size to buy". I laugh at those in the gym who talk to their friends while working out. I really do hope I don't do that.

I am still sick, sniffling. My right leg in particular didn't want to get comfortable last night but it seems like it might be a little better this morning.

registration success

I registered my new cell phone and my car online today. I think online registration is one of the great things in modern life. It used to be nearly impossible for me to do any of it on time, and now I am right on top of it all. All because I don't have to traipse around carrying important papers that I am likely to lose.
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the car

I am cleaning my car. The trunk is the worst. I emptied it and put the stuff that will go back in there to the side, took the rest inside, where I have to sort through it. I am going to the self-serve car wash to vacuum everything thoroughly before adding back into the trunk. I think I have enough in that trunk to save me in an emergency. The only thing I don't have is food. I don't anticipate that being a problem but freeze-dried things might be a good idea, and a jug of water. That may be going too far.


It's clean, inside and out. I replaced the things in the trunk that belong there and brought the rest inside, in bags. Now of course I have to sort through them, which I don't exactly look forward to. But I'll just do it a little at a time. Like everything else.

I am feeling a bit better. I have a bit of a backache, not bad, and my legs are still not where they should be. I am going to take a break.


I got notice from my isp the other day that the formmail program some of us use on our web sites is susceptible to spammers. I don't quite understand exactly how they use it, perhaps to grab the information for their own mailing lists, but I need to upgrade the formmail program, which is just a nuisance, which I am in the process - in between everything else - of doing.

declutter declutter declutter

Several bags are sitting in the kitchen, each full of stuff to give away. The Goodwill folks may tire of seeing me but they'll never say that. They don't, as a rule, say much of anything. I think they are trained to say "Thank you" after they have taken all you are giving them and anything else is a bonus.

I also have recyclable stuff and trash. And all of it needs to get out of the house. I hate filling up the back seat of my clean car but that will just give me the incentive, maybe, for stopping at Goodwill tomorrow.

Even after all this sorting I am still missing some things I need or want. My main car CD holder and my rehearsal CD for the War Requiem. I don't know where I put those.
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yard work

I got out there and clipped back some bushes, raked it up, put it in the trash. Not a lot but it does look better.

I still can't get the formmail to work. This is always happening.