April 13th, 2002



I sniffled my way through the night, but did get some sleep. I would no doubt benefit from taking more zinc and so on, but it is always hard to get myself to do it. I don't know why.


I am still sick, but functioning. I did fifteen minutes of decluttering in my living room,cleared the junk out of my car's glove box, took trash out, added more to the pile going to Goodwill. I made an appointment for a smog check for about an hour from now, so I can drop some stuff off at Goodwill first. I sorted through my automotive receipts so I have whatever the auto shop may ask for.

My head is congested and I am sniffling but don't have a sore throat.

taking care of business

So today I seem to be doing stuff I need to do. Stuff that isn't very active physically, so I tend to put it off. I got my car smog-checked, and it passed with flying colors! The tech said it did much better than average. Considering it has 187,000+ miles on it, I'd say that's a good thing.

While waiting for the car, I went to the cingular shop to ask about phone plans. I have been looking into cellular plans for a while now and decided it would be good to go with the same company my kids use. I also knew what I needed to have: free roaming in CA and Nevada especially, text messaging, free long distance. And I needed to know that my phone would work in my own home, so they loaned me a phone to try out before I commit. I have it now. Unfortunately, I didn't have a code number they wanted so could not complete a call, but I could at least determine that there is reception here. I will go back to the store in a few minutes and wrap up the deal. I'll have the phone on the trip to Desert Hot Springs, a good thing too, as well as the next trip to Las Vegas at the end of the month.

My legs hurt like they have been hiking ten miles. I haven't been doing anything so this has got to be me being sick. It's awful and reminds me of how I felt several years ago when short walking trips hurt and I had to sit down often. Standing even for a signal at a corner is painful right now.

hot and tired

It's warmish today and I lack energy. I have been fooling with my new cell phone so I'll know how to answer it when my kids call - I set different rings for each of them so I'll know who's calling. I have tried to register my car online but the smog certificate has somehow not shown up yet so I'll try again tomorrow. I also cleaned for fifteen minutes in my kitchen. These little blips of time add up and the kitchen actually looks much better. Right now, though, I just feel like lying down. This is just no fun.
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Montana de Oro blufftop

I am going to take what may be the most popular hike in this county. It goes along dramatic bluffs next to the ocean for over two miles. It is therefore pretty much flat and easy to hike and may help me get my legs working again. Camera and phone will be with me.
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It was a good choice. But I felt the same way as I did after completing the steep hike last week - and that was before I even started this one. My legs let me do it and I didn't have to limp but it was low-grade painful the whole way, mainly in my knees but also in my calves.

Lots of people in the first mile of the hike, thinned out in the second. Coming back same thing, few people then more. I think lots of people just go down into the coves and stay there. Tide pools, beautiful beaches and rocks.

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I took a hot bubble bath and it temporarily relieved my leg pain. Then I took some Tylenol. I am not sure that will do any good.

It's not horrific but it's bad enough to make me resist getting up and moving around the way I normally do.