April 3rd, 2002



I came home today, stopping to make an appointment at the gym (for learning how to use the weight machines) and then to pick up a few things at Vons, and then at Froggie's for a small frozen yogurt. I got home at a little after four. I read some, then lay down and fell asleep. Simba was on me for a while - I think. I started awake a couple of times, wondering what day it was, and finally I got up just now. I don't know why I am so tired.
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I did it. I am glad, of course.

Steve Martin on the View, on A&E (I wonder how it got there). He told of a scene in a play:

she: You told me you loved me. I believed it.

he: I believed it too.

He's saying it may be true at that moment but that doesn't mean it's always true (for those of you who need the interpretation). This is something I truly struggle with. I want love to be forever. It's okay to want it if I can accept that it isn't. I haven't yet accepted that, I think.
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When I was at Elaine's place I used her razor. I loved it. It was smooth, effective, quick. And refillable. It uses triple blades. I wanted one. When I found myself in a store there in Las Vegas I looked for one but didn't find it. I saw it advertised on television.

The last few nights I have thought about that razor as I lay in bed. Thinking of the name...Virgin...no...Victor...no...Venus...yes, that's it. Remembering the name (it's by Gillette, a company I normally do not buy from because they test on animals). Today I went to buy milk and hunted down the razor. The male version was displayed prominently. I had to search for the female, and I found it. There were packages of refill blades: eight for $15.69 and four for $7.49. I had to look at that twice to confirm that the smaller package was the better deal. There wasn't anything extra in the larger package either. So I bought the razor plus two packs of four each, so I am set for quite a while.

I am not a slave to shaving. My hair is light in color and texture and I can usually get by shaving rarely, and I shave my underarms only when I figure I might be wearing something sleeveless for a little while. I don't do that much because I have flaps on my arms - in spite of all the body building, the elasticity just isn't there any more.

So what does it mean when I dream about it?
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