March 31st, 2002


isp down

It looks like this is the "planned system outage" I have been getting emails about from my isp. I didn't bother to read them. Usually these things happen at two in the morning and I am no longer usually up then. So I can't read my email right now. Probably will be able to later. (I have another isp, which is how I get online here in LV, so that's how I get to LJ.)

Mary's place. Joey's due back. Elaine wants to film. It's going to be interesting, keeping Joey out of the sound and pic. We'll see. It's also Easter. I boiled eggs last night.

Mary's computer has a noisy fan. I need some tools to get inside it and she is woefully short on tools. I may not be able to see anything fixable anyway but at least I can look.

gonna go crazy soon

Not really. I will leave tomorrow. Not enough time to get to crazy.

Mary just left for work. I will pick up or meet Joey later, so there is still time to do the filming if Elaine is on the ball. I think I had better get to the Venetian to make reservations right now, while there is time. Mary doesn't have a great sense of time and sometimes I don't think Elaine does either. We should have been able to get the filming done yesterday. now I have to wear the stretch pants two days in a row so I can be in the right persona.

Mary's computer quieted down but it will get noisy again. I think I will go hunting for pliers or something at Food 4 Less, along with the vacuum bags and trash bags. mary's always out of something.
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