March 30th, 2002


The bash

Last night I went to a birthday bash for Mary and Zeno. Several people showed, mary's friends and zeno's friends and Zeno's son "little Zeno", who does not live here but drove here specifically for this.

The bash was held at The Hop, a club owned by Zeno's gf Kay, a fortyish woman who seems very straight and approachable, easy to talk to. I can see why he'd like her. He also gets a lot out of her. Since he's started working for her he has aquired a new boat and a terrific truck, painted with signs advertising his business (which is totally unregistered anywhere). As Zeno lives in a mysterious world of no identity (Elaine's birthday card to him had three of his names on it), he can't get loans. So he buys major items through others who are willing to take the chance.

I had two glasses of wine and now figure that this was one over my limit. I wasn't staggering but was clearly high and worried that others might notice. I don't know if they did. I talked quite a while with Edward, mary's bf, who seemed to be bent on convincing me he's a good guy and in love with Mary. As if he needed my blessing. He seems particularly enchanted with the fact that he attended culinary school in New York at a cost of $30,000. I don't know why he thinks this is going to mean much to me.

Edward is a nice enough guy but it seemed to me that mary was less than fully attached to him last night. She spent her time mostly talking with others she had not seen in a while. It was nice that her long-time friend Katie could come. Mary and Katie were a set from the time they met in junior high. Their sum was more than their parts and they were incorrigible and extremely funny. They also got heavily into drinking and drugs and hung with a crowd that lost several of its members to overdoses. Mary has seriously straightened, rarely drinks and never does drugs, and has therefore found little in common with people she used to hang with. Still, history is history. For her 24 years she has the stories, she has lived.

A couple of times Edward talked about dancing, wondering if I were going to dance. Why me, I don't know, I didn't think about it. I was not ready to hit the floor where fifties music was playing. The couples seemed to be doing the swing and I haven't learned that one yet! I will, though. It's on the list.

I woke with a headache but now, two tylenols and a couple of cups of coffee later, I seem better. A shower would probably make me completely human again. Elaine and I left the club at about ten. I suspect many others there hung a lot longer, into the wee hours. We're so sensible.


Remarkable. I am alone in Elaine's house. Elaine went to work, Mary faked her way out of work and went home to sleep for an hour. She's supposed to call and then we'll do lunch. But in the meantime all the roomies are gone and here I am alone with no pressing business to do.

The roomies. Elaine has three, including Rich, her sortof bf. I see very little of them when I am here. They seem to closet themselves in their bedrooms (where I hear the televisions) or go out somewhere. I go where I want, sit all over the house (except of course in their bedrooms), like the invader I am. It is good I only spent two nights here and will now go to Mary's for the duration. I feel guilty about interrupting their flow, although I certainly did not ask them to be scarce.

We didn't do any filming. Elaine was hoping someone would pick up her shift so probably thought we had more time. I am dressed for it, too, with mid-calf-length stretch pants and a UNLV T and with my natural looking haircut. It actually looks good and I just washed it and put in some of the $30 mousse. Which is stiffer than the ordinary. Mary says it better walk on water at that price.

I am enjoying Loving Picasso, even though there is less on Picasso in this book than on the friends of Picasso and Fernande. Her letters are perhaps the most revealing of all, more than the journals, certainly more than the restrained memoirs. There are parts that make me laugh out loud. I want to finish the book so I can leave it with elaine to read when I go.
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I have been at Mary's most of the afternoon. We went to Mount Charleston, just drove up and then down, stopped three times to look at things. It is beautiful in a way very different from Red Rock Canyon.