March 29th, 2002



It's hard keeping up when I am in Las Vegas and watching the Joester. He's not feeling too well right now and is vegging in the living room, so I am catching a moment.

I got my hair cut today at the salon at the Palms, a comp from the chef who dates mary. The hair stylist thought I was his mother and I didn't say otherwise, because I figure that's how I got the cut for free. She's really good, this stylist, has great technique. She did my hair so it will move and look good and won't be boring. It brought out the curl majorly, feels great. I hope I can maintain it with my no-blowdryer technique and have it still look good. She thought I could. Here is the new do, first day:

Elaine and I went in together for a gift for Mary, bought it before I went for the cut this morning.

And I saw the current version of Elaine's film. I will do one of the interviews for her, and we're thinking I'll be the "exercise junkie" persona. I have suitable clothes and just enough of the drive to do that. Although my newly-coiffed head may seem out of synch now. No ponytails for me now.

Weather is decent, a little warmish but nothing like it's going to get.

Cutting him out

Today I got a fairly drastic haircut for the third time in four months. In November my hair was down to near my waist and was highlighted. Today it is shoulder-length at best, colored a reddish brown, similar to my natural color and cut to emphasize the curl. BIG.

I feel that these cuts are a way of cutting Dwain out of my life. At this time we don't even have email correspondence but I still think of him. Not every day, though. Cutting my hair was symbolic, especially because he loved my long hair and never wanted me to cut it. The first cut was a bit tentative, as if I was saying, yes, I cut it but it will soon grow back to where it was. Now I am saying it will take a long time. More and more distance, more and more time.
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