March 25th, 2002


maybe I'll vacate

I arranged to take time off this week to celebrate both mary & elaine's birthdays. But then Mary said she was going to Mexico with Edward this week so come another time. Then she couldn't get the time off. Now Carolyn is suggesting that I take the time. Perhaps I will. Leave Wednesday, come back Sunday, something like that.


I actually worked on the music for tonight's rehearsal. I feel pretty good about it but I had to do it without my rehearsal CD because I couldn't find it. I plunked out the notes on the piano but only occasionally added in other voices to get myself oriented. The lines are not difficult by themselves, not particularly, but when combined with other voices they are sometimes hard to hold onto. Which is why we have to know them well.

I am considering taking myself out to dinner. Some kind of light dinner, don't know where. Sandwich? soup? salad? burrito? I don't want to eat much. It interferes with my energy for the night.
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