March 14th, 2002


in the middle, addiction strikes

I am at a cyber cafe,having just left the CEQA conference and on my way to the chiropractor. AN hour between, and the chiropractor is also in the downtown area so I don't see a reason to go home.

I try to be sociable but today I didn't do much to socialize with those I know or those I might get to know. I slipped out of theroom at the lunch break, thereby making it impossible for anyone there to suggest we lunch together. On my way back to the conference I looked at Kinko's and thought about checking my email then in stead of waiting in front of the room ahead of time, on the chance that I'd get to talk to Gary. Gary being a really nice guy I worked with in Atascadero, who gave me a hug when we met today. I thought I might check my email instead of actually talking to someone in person. Give me credit - I sought out Gary.

I left before it was all over, as did some others, because what I was most interested in was over. So I wander now and think.

It's been really really cold today. I went backto my car during the morning break to get my warm jacket, which I wore inside the cold room. I thank heaven I bought this wonderful jacket.

real help

I went to see my chiropractor. She first sent in the massage person, who did a nice neck and shoulder massage that loosened me up. Then Deborah came on in. It had been five years since I had last seen her! She noticed I had lost weight and thought I looked great. We talked about what I am doing now. And she asked what I wanted to be able to do. I said I wanted to be more flexible, able to do the things I like, like hiking, without hurting myself. She checked my legs - the way I stand, the way they react to resistance at different places. From this she concluded that I need to develop my quads in a more effective way than I have been. She suggested leg presses, direct, straight ones (no angle). ANd orthotics custom-made for me. She gave me the name of a podiatrist who does a terrific job of these. With these I will be more stable and less likely to injure myself.

She also told me she has seen many serious injuries in women over thirty years old from bodypump classes. She thinks the moves are too fast for our muscles, which do not recover at the same rate as the twenty-somethings' muscles. She recommended I stop doing them. How sad!! But hey, this is what I wanted to know.

So now I make an appointment with the podiatrist and another one with someone at the gym to learn the correct form in doing those leg presses.

Deborah straightened some things out in my neck and back because it had been so long, but she did not think I need to come back, except on an as-needed basis.

I have decided not to push today so I won't be doing my regular exercise before the dance class. I'll just call it good.