March 13th, 2002



eludes me. I have been tossing and turning. Simba has been in and outside my covers, purring, kneading. I have adjusted and re-adjusted. I think of too many things. I know it's not great when I get up, either, that it just makes me tired in the day ahead.


Getting up in the early morning is not good for the rest of the day. I did go back to sleep but lost too much. I don't feel absolutely terrible but I worry a little. Lack of sleep often causes headaches.
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gonna get there

I am tired and my eye (right) hurts and I am cold and my house is a huge mess and I could stay here and clean it but I wouldn't or I could stay here and do Tracie and I would do that but I know that if I go to the gym and do bodypump I will feel cheered up and less tired and I will enjoy it, it will seem easy, really, just because of all those other people and the variation in the moves so I lose track of time and leave the gym glad that i went so I will go.
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a little flap

I went to bodypump. I talked to a couple of women in there, first time, and spoke to an older man before the class. I figured in time I would be talking to people now and then and it is starting to happen.

One of the women in the class, Liz, asked me before the class started if I thought the music was maybe too loud. I said sure, and she went to the front of the class to ask the instructors to keep it down. Stephen is the one she spoke with and he agreed to cut the volume back.

Danya, however, was the first instructor, and it wasn't long before she was telling Stephen to turn it up, and then turn it up again. About ten minutes into the class Liz left. We then learned that she had filed a written complaint about the volume of the music. Stephen asked the class for a show of hands or something, did we think it was too loud? People yelled out, "no, it needs to be that loud!" "turn it up!" Needless to say, I felt drowned out. I figured I'd talk to the instructors afterwards, let them know Liz was not alone in her feelings. After I got my stuff put away, though, and had gone to the front, the two instructors were starting in on some moves, maybe for another class. I didn't want to interrupt them.

I felt badly that I did not back Liz up, especially considering how often I am irritated by loud music wherever I go. This is probably going to hang around the back of my mind for a while.
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