March 8th, 2002


waking up

I woke up too often last night and finally got up just now. I should have taken some melatonin last night. Could have helped.

My knees are stiff still. Quite a bit, really. I made an appointment with Deborah, who should be able to help me there. Especially, I hope, with advice on how to do the squats and lunges and what to do when I want to hike. Maybe there are warmup exercises or stretches that would help. It's true that I don't stretch after hikes, and that is stupid. That will be my first thing to remember this weekend if I go on another hike.

so I went

to bodypump. When I got back from work I felt very tired and sat around a bit then lay down. I felt so tired I wasn't sure I would wake up in time to go to the class. But I knew I would feel better once I got there. Which was true. I really like that class. I do feel stiff and would like to take a nice warm bath. That's what I'll do soon.