March 3rd, 2002


Long day's journey

Yesterday was a busy day. Everything was personal, though, not for money. First, the morning hike: a one-mile walk (each way) along the coastline in Cambria, across the East-West Ranch. Beautiful. I thought of how much Elaine and Rich would like it, and Joey maybe. There are benches along the way made of driftwood, a similarly-constructed bridge across a ravine, and lots of walkers and dogs and runner. It is maybe the most used trail of those I have been on here.

After that, I went to see Pat. We talked more than I planned about Dwain, about life, about fears, alcoholism, being perfect. Then we went upstairs to her computer room and I was fortunately to be able to come up with a solution to her error problem. She was getting error messages every time she opened Internet Explorer or tried a search. It looked like the program had been infected by the viruses she had just gotten rid of (with the help of a computer guy). AFter one false start, we started a download of a newer version of IE (she had 3.0, we went for 5.5, which appears to be the latest that will work on Windows 95). THen we went to lunch at a restaurant next door. I had a nice pasta with veggies and consumed some good hot rolls as well. I saved half of it for later.

On my way back from Cambria I thought about the hike. It wasn't long enough to count as a day's exercise, I thought. So I pulled off at Morro Bay and hiked up Black Hill from the campground below, 1.5 miles up, 1.1 miles back by a slightly different route. It was a good hike, not too taxing but enough, and of course the view is terrific from there. I saw a covey of quails on my way down, running along the ground. Love those guys. The weather was perfect, the sky beautiful. Unfortunately, I only took a few pictures on the first hike, because I ran out of film.

I went to a concert of the Cal Poly Choirs last night. Terrific music, good performances. I was glad I want. That cal poly vocal jazz group is especially good. I got home at about 10:45, very tired. I am not sure how much I will do today. My legs feel stiffer than usual. Hiking will do that. Yet I'd like to do a little hike today too.

cancel that concert

I knew it was a lot on my plate. I have decided not to attend the concert this afternoon. If nothing else, my legs ache and that makes me uncomfortable when I am sitting for a while. I feel like taking a bath, letting myself soak, finish the book. I am almost done, it has not gone as I had hoped, but it has been so revealing of the legal system.

I bought four new tops at Sears this morning. I had no intention of looking at clothes when I went in there. I was wondering if they had any living room furniture - which they don't. Nice tops, nice variety, all on sale, so no big deal. My drawers don't really have room for the clothes I have, though. And that isn't because I have so many clothes. That's because I have such little drawers.