February 17th, 2002


Commercial I could do without

Well, let's be serious. I could do without all of them.

But that one for Video Professor really bugs me. The "founder and CEO", John Sherer, keeps urging us to "try my product" and holds the CD in his fingers, getting his oily fingers on it. He asks if we want to learn how to "run a computer". Run a computer?? It sounds like he's teaching people how to drive.

Decisions decisions

I got my hair colored today, and trimmed, about two inches. It now has that rich red brown look again, looks good. I'm betting nobody will notice. Funny how that is. I suppose I should be glad.

I've been trying to clean some here and there. Got the top of the piano and started on the kitchen table. Otherwise I haven't done much today, not much at all. Waste waste waste. Oh, I did copy stuff out of my notebook into the computer, start of yet another story. Where to go with it?? I don't know.