February 16th, 2002



Excedrin. Some women are lucky enough to stop getting these headaches after menopause. Some things I am not lucky about. One thing I have noticed: there is never a perfect time, a time when everything is just right.

headache gone?

It seems to be. I don't know why these get me in the middle of the night, making sleep difficult. Then I get up, not feeling refreshed. I think they make me chronically sleep-deprived. Good thing I don't have them always.

Simba and meds

I got antibiotics for Simba yesterday. To help with his feline acne. I tried giving him the first dose today. Not so good. I need to find...ah, I just found it!...one of those pill poppers that I can shove down his throat. Assuming he'll let me open his mouth from here on. He's a tough dude, in spite of his friendly disposition.

tipping is for cows

SO full of references to things I don't like...the ad for Merrill Lynch with the bull and the bear at the lunch counter...the bear says the bull's going to be on the menu, later says something about steaks, and then when the bull suggests leaving a tip the bull says "tipping is for cows". It brings up meat-eating and cow-tipping, both things I find abhorent. Yet I love the commercial. Well done, well done...

Trading Spaces

One of the amazing things we learn when we watch this show is that there still are people out there who know and like their neighbors! I can't get over this.

Another hike and some afterthoughts

I did go hiking near Lopez. Did a trail called the Hi Mountain Trail, which is taken from High Mountain Road, the road that you take off Lopez Drive just before getting to Lopez Lake Park.

At first I took the wrong fork in the road and so went on a merry and rather hairy ride on a rutted road that goes through several rivers (dry right now, fortunately). When I got to the right place it was about 3:30. It was a beautiful hike up to a ridge that looks out over
Lopez Canyon and it is just gorgeous. It continues down to the road by a different route so one can walk back along High Mountain Road, which is an incredibly beautiful route by itself. Total of about 3 miles. This was one hike where I sure wish I had one of those French funnels. I had to hold it in for a very long time, until I got to Vons in SLO, where I dropped off the film.

My legs are a bit tired.

When I was in Vons I stopped for a mocha. Actually - a grande decaf nonfat no-whip mocha, to be exact. As I was sitting with my drink and writing in my journal, a man came into the store whom I recognized. Only I couldn't immediately place him. Then I
remembered. He was ordering his coffee drink when I remembered he was the poet I met several years ago, when I belonged to that conversational salon. Michael is his first name, I have forgotten, temporarily, his last. When I first met him I was attracted to him,
and I still am. What is nice is that I felt pleasure just seeing him there, even though I said nothing to him, did not indicate I knew him, and he did not seem to recognize me. One reason is that I know he still lives in the area. The other thing is that I learned when he read some of his poetry in Cambria about a year ago that he is divorced. I have no reason to believe anything will happen, but it's nice to think it might, it could.