February 15th, 2002



It gets to be a drag, writing that in here day after day. But I do it to keep track. Next time I want to check how many headaches I get I can glance at the subject lines.

Two excedrin migraine again. At least I am not overdosing, even though it's the wrong kind of pain reliever for my stomach.


Simba goes to the vet this aft. I need to get together gym clothes so I can jump into them afterwards to get to the class. But if I am too late for the class I can do the bike and do that class tomorrow morning.

I want to dance

Again, last night, cha cha. THis time the teachers did not formalize the teaching, instead just went to one or the other of us and show us stuff, then come back and see how we were doing. I spent time working on turns, a particular turn, that needs to go quickly. I never got it up to speed. There are so many kinds of turns and I don't always get the clues right. I have the crossovers and the butterfly just fine. Some of the men had trouble with these. I don't know why. I tend to analyse as well as I am able, noting the moves as they relate to the beats, the direction, anything else, trying to memorize it in my head. The longer time is spent memorizing with my feet. There are so many variations that it sometimes seems impossible to get these steps inside me, but I know it will happen if I keep going, keep practicing. It is getting tempting to go to a club to see how I do. I can imagine getting confused because that happens in the class. Most men are not great leaders from what I have seen, and that makes a lot of difference to me. I am not yet so good at reading the signals.


An assistant is transcribing the words of a councilmember spoken last Tuesday night, at a Planning Commission hearing. She is working outside my door, and keeps rewinding the tape to get the words. It is surreal, listening. Or maybe more like a kind of music, repeated words. A sentence, then a few words, then maybe just two, or maybe the whole sentence again.

adding tired to tired

I am so tired. I fell partway asleep during a television program. Just to be sure I sleep well, I took a melatonin tablet just now. I think the long nights this week plus the good workout at the gym have added up to time to go to bed.