February 14th, 2002



I woke up with another headache. It's stress-time, all right. I need to find ways to cope. Mainly, I need to face the things I have to do, clear up whatever has to be done.

that body pump thing

Last night I did the bodypump class for the third time. It was good, again. I worry that I won't always like it so much. Why worry? I guess it's one of those neurotic things. If I weren't worrying then what??

dance time coming up

Dance class 7:30 tonight. Maybe Pat will come. I don't really know her but that doesn't matter. These things build.

I've been exploring some other people's journals on here. I seem very tame in comparison. But I am not trying to impress. I am honestly keeping a journal, keeping a few things to myself but exposing the rest to anyone passing by. And that isn't many people.

I find that if I write in here worrying about what others might say I might not write at all. I do want to make it clear to anyone who does happen to pass by that I am not looking for answers or advice or anything else, I am just working my way through life.