February 12th, 2002



It's a long day already. I went to bed late last night, after a long day, long rehearsal. Woke up tired. When I got home from work today I watched television for a little bit, ate some trail mix, took a short nap. Then at 4:30 I started a FIRM workout (Tracie). During the workout my head swam in and out of aching and there were moments I wondered if I would be fit to attend tonight's Planning Commission meeting. But now I feel pretty good, if sweaty. Well, the sweat helps, I think. Now a shower, change, breathe a little, go back to work, and wing it, more or less.

still awake

The meeting ended at 8:30, for which I am grateful. I don't feel proud of my part in it but I didn't do anything terrible. I just didn't do as much as I could have. I love to second-guess myself.

I stopped at Food 4 Less and got some food and came home and ate stuff. Some string cheese, a slice of 2% cheese, a bag of popcorn. That's dinner, I guess. Could be worse.

I'm really tired but am watching a Lifetime movie. What's up with that?