February 10th, 2002


looking at the day

I am thinking about activities for today. I should do some rehearsing, some reading of the EIR. And some kind of exercise. Weight lifting would be the right thing for today, but I am tempted to go hiking again.

I thought about last night, about Dwain not telling me about the play he's going to direct. He was like that when we were a couple, not telling me things. It hurt me then and it hurts me now. I was going to write to him, an angry note, but changed my mind, decided to wait and think. Somehow I want to let him know that as a friend I am hurt when I am left out of things I have clearly shown an interest in. I have to think about how to write it.

I dreamed that I saw Dwain last night. I said hi as he passed, and he said hi, and that was about it. I am not over him but I don't feel the pain I did at first. So I feel I can explore it.

the next hike

A short one. A half-mile each way. But steep, so it will do something. And it is in walking distance from my home, so I am going to walk there. Then walk back another way, stopping at the Marigold shopping center for coffee or tea. I made myself a veggie wrap with a nice jalapeno tortilla and several fresh veggies, glued in with a bit of low-fat mayo. I know I am going to welcome it when I get to it.

It's hard to tear myself away from Wildlife Emergency, though! I swear, I am addicted to this bit of company, some of these programs on television. I get so caught up in the lives of these animals and want to follow up, find out if they are going to be okay.

Islay Hill

I walked or hiked for over three hours today! That wasn't the plan initially. Or at least I didn't think it would be quite that long.

I chose a short hike - 1/2 mile - up Islay Hill. The guidebook said it was "easy" but did note it was a "good 45-minute workout". You can say that again. But I am ahead of myself.

I walked from home to the trail head, down Orcutt Road, right on Tank Farm, down a local street to the trail beginning. It took me 50 minutes to get to that location, and this beginning hike undoubtedly colored my impressions of the hike up the hill itself.

The hike is fairly steep. My heart got to pounding immediately, because it is steep at the beginning and then again at the end, less steep in between. It is also the slippery clay-like soil. I should have hiking shoes with good grips for hikes like this one. There were times I really worried I would slip and fall.

I met nobody on the way up. The last half - or it seemed that way - of the hike got quite difficult, with the very last segment very steep indeed. It took me a good 30 minutes to get to the top. Coming down was easier in some ways but in the steep parts so slippery that I had to devise ways to do it, taking paths parallel but on grass, or keeping one foot on a wooden trail edge (there were some in some places). I met several people on my way down, some of whom passed me going the same direction. I don't know where they came from. I am guessing they took off on one of the "unauthorized" branches of the main trail. There were people walking dogs, a young woman and her four-year-old son (doing very well!), a couple of boys preparing to take a plastic sled down the slope, and a runner. The runner was a young woman wearing her "sounds". I could hear bits of the music when she passed me.

I always wonder why one would take along music on a trail like this. A place where the sound of silence, the wind, the birds, is so beautiful. And where you can see the silent floating of hawks above, such a wondrous sight and lack of sound.

I reached the bottom of the trail, having taken an hour and ten minutes for the entire trek, including eating my wrap at the top (and thank heaven for that. I forgot to bring the trail mix, though). In the future I will take the car or bike to the trailhead, believe me. I set out from the trail head in another direction, along a path alongside the railroad tracks. I knew that there was a stepping stone descent from the tracks to Tank Farm Road, because I had been the planner on that project area, and had made certain that the steps were put in.

Only - the way to the steps was a locked gate. Clearly because it exits from a housing authority apartment project, and I can understand that parents would not want small children going down there unattended. I had to circle around and do some creative climbing to get to the steps and back down to the road. Which I then took to Marigold center. I stopped at Schlotsky's and had a sandwich and small salad, sat there a while to let my legs rest. Then headed toward the tracks and on home again. More than three hours altogether, walking. My legs are so tired. I want to take a bath then go to a movie.

timing issue again

I did it again! I got the time wrong. The movie started at 4:15 and I thought it started at 4:30 because movies at that theater used to start at 4:30 always. I should have checked. The movie (Innocence) was sold out when I got there, at 4:15. Sob. I didn't want to go to any others in town.