February 8th, 2002



Yesterday was a long day. But it seemed lighter at the end. Because we were doing the cha cha! I so much enjoyed this particular dance that I think it was a kind of turning point for me, the moment I knew what dancing was all about.

too cool

Some friends are coming tomorrow to attend to business - from Bakersfield. We are going to have dinner together and then see a play. Another friend is in the play. There are memories associated with these friends - because I met them through Driving Miss Daisy, and Dwain directed that. Good memories yet a little hurtful as well. It will be good to see them, to feel surrounded by love, a part of their lives for however short a time.

oh yes

I did my second bodypump class tonight. I just loved it. Not only did I love that I could do it, follow it, but that I was with all these other people. We were in it together. It felt so good. I took a shower in the gym after. That, too, seemed right. If I had brought my swim suit I would have gone into the hot tub, maybe the steam room. Ah, the steam room. That's where I should go tomorrow.