February 7th, 2002



It started in the middle of the night. Major. I got up, finally, took some excedrin migraine. I couldn't get back to sleep so here I am. My back didn't bother me while I was in bed but it's hurting a little now, while I sit. Maybe I will go visit a chiropractor.


My head is feeling better already. My back is about the way it was yesterday morning. Maybe if I give it another day, see how it is. I don't know about dance if it hurts tonight. But I suppose I could go and tell Yiena if I need to adjust anything.

early Kathy

I decided to do Kathy Smith this morning, rather than this afternoon. It felt good doing it, even though I could feel some discomfort in my back. My back still hurts now but I am sure I didn't make it any worse, and may have made it somewhat better. Unfortunately, Mary called halfway through, and when I said I was in the middle of a video she asked me to call her later. I knew that if we talked then I would never finish the video. But at the same time, I suspect she needed to talk. It's tough.

Steaming Bean conversation

Today I went out in the field and took my break while out there. I went to the steaming Bean, the best coffee place in Pismo, which is in the Shell Beach area, so quite convenient. I sat at a table with a bagel and coffee and listened to five older men talking at the next table. I was delighted and surprised by their conversation. It was intelligent, thoughtful, with it. No hint of alzheimers there, and lots of evidence of individual thinking. I was tempted to tell them, as I left the building, that I hoped they didn't mind that I eavesdropped and enjoyed their conversation. But I didn't. It might have been a good thing but it might not have.

I jotted down several things I overheard them say. Nothing earth-shattering, but these notes help me build an arsenal of characters and they help me remember what I saw and heard. I look back over my notes and remember faces and voices and it's stimulating, good. It also simply felt good to listen to them today. It was like a performance, a good one, that I was lucky to catch.