February 4th, 2002


another two commercials I hate

Ditech.com. I have yet to see one of these that features characters who are likeable. Simplistic, cartoonish bankers and greedy consumers.

Wall Street Journal. Takes the dog-eat-dog mentality to a level of worship. Who wants to be like these people, who step on each other on the way up?


Not all of the Geico ads. I like the gecko. I just don't like the laughing dog, the dog who goes into paroxisms of horrible laughter because his companion human "pays too much" for auto insurance.

Anything with Billy Mays

Oxiclean, gripwrench...whatever it is, when Billy Mays sells it it will hurt your eardrums. Assault is what it is.

This little compilation only proves, unfortunately, that I watch too much television.