January 27th, 2002


the play

I saw Speed the Plow last night. I am still trying to figure out the title, which I have never liked. It's a good play, and it was really well done. I noticed that there are fewer stagehands (none) and assistants with food. The excitement is gone? The volunteers were drained? It seems to happen a lot in theaters.

out of the house

I figure I will go on a little hike today, because it is my day off. I don't want to do too much but I need to get out. I am going to wander down the railroad tracks and cut off at Bishop and hike up Terrace Hill. Very short hike. But it's in my book. I'll be able to check it off! I think I am obsessed with counting and checking things off, although I stopped counting FIRM videos. I only know I have done those workouts well over a hundred times.

Later, some place public with my notebook. Maybe I'll pick up some conversations. There was one last night, in the theater, but I can't remember the words exactly. Two elderly women sat next to me and were talking. One said, "I wonder what she's doing." and the other said, "I think she's waiting until his kids grow up." I couldn't make good notes in the dark there.

the little hike

I guess I will make tomorrow my day off. I walked to the trailhead, which took 30 minutes. The hike to the top of the hill took less than five minutes, yet offered views of all of SLO (except that blocked by trees, including my home). Then the walk back was another half hour or so. So I am counting this as an exercise day.

I found a ticket stub pushed under a wire on the fence that goes along the railroad tracks. The stub was for "Amelie" at the Piedmont Theater, on Dec 25. I wonder where that theater is, and who left the stub there.

On my way back I got to thinking of fixing lunch, and had it planned, but then thought it may be better to take this opportunity to get out again with my notebook. So Hobee's came to mind. Sounds very good to me.

Lifetime luxury

I am watching a four-hour Lifetime movie that I have seen before. I have seen all of them, I think, but a new one premieres at six tonight. I can't miss that.

Not because I think they are such great movies but they are Lifetime movies. Guilty pleasures.

Soup's on. Vegetable soup in the crock pot. Weekends I get very domestic these days. I wonder, is it an escape? Is everything I enjoy an escape?

connection down

my slonet connection is not working. I restarted the computer even, and then tried to connect again and couldn't. I connected through mindspring and tried to get to the slonet webmail page and couldn't. So slonet must be having a bad moment. I will say it doesn't happen often. But I am glad I have an alternative, too.


Now that i am nearly done with over 25 years of John Cheever's journals, I want to reread some of his stories. Get a sense of the connection between the man and his life and his characters and stories.