January 17th, 2002


(no subject)

Pismo police at Starbucks. I've seen them there about three times now, early mornings.

John Cheever's journals. Much in there about his wife, Mary, how she acts with him. Complaints. Wounded feelings. It is interesting that I can read into it that she was not the problem, yet I wonder if he ever realized this. I think it's a fairly typical self-centered alcoholic attitude. Alcoholics I have known - I have known plenty - to a one, self-centered. Some more than others, of course.

My father was narcissistic. Everything revolved around him, or he seemed to think it should. He had to have the best of things, was bitter when he couldn't. Had a hard time liking what he had if he could see what else was out there that he didn't have.


Stacy today. A change from Tracy. And then later, rhumba! My first time doing that dance. I learned quite a bit, got to feeling pretty good about it. I need to practice, though.