January 13th, 2002



My left arm hurts, like I'd lifted weights. But I didn't. Shoulder. I wonder.

Yesterday Mary & Joey & I went to Oso Flaco Lake and walked the boardwalk to the beach. Joey fell into the surf, got completely soaked. Fortunately, it was not a very cold day. Lots of people hoof it down there with picnics and fishing poles. It was a good little hike. We may do the El Chorro hike today, with our own picnic.

back from the hike

We did the El Chorro hike. Nice day for it. It's a bit too long for a little boy, so Mary had to carry Joey at least half of the time. Still, it wasn't so long that it exhausted us. I feel it in my legs because there is a climb. It's nice to feel like I've done something.

Mary is off to visit her friend Nikki while I am hear watching the sleeping Joey and making lentil soup, which we will eat when Mary gets back. Then she will leave. sob. It's been such a nice visit.