December 14th, 2001


The meeting

Bullet and Simba finally met - almost on top of me.

Simba had hidden out under my bed all day yesterday, instead of hiding in the back bedroom. So when I went to bed, he mewed and came out. I picked him up and put him on the bed next to me. He immediately started purring and kneading and chewing on my hair.

Not too long after, Bullet came flying in, landed on the end of the bed. The two looked at each other. Simba hissed. Bullet made poses. I was there in the middle, and had thoughts of becoming an unintended victim. But they didn't progress beyond that, did not come any closer to each other. I petted them both, wondering as I did if that was appropriate. I also backed away, out of the direct line.

It looked to me like Simba was saying, "Possession is nine points," as he stood there over my head, clearly in possession of me. And it looked like Bullet was backing off mentally. In other words, Simba may turn out to be topcat in this situation.

Ultimately, Bullet left the bed, then Simba left, then Bullet came back and slept the night with me, at my feet. So I felt a little better about his having been ousted earlier.

It doesn't look like either cat is all that inclined to get into it, to fight. That would be good news to me, if so. But we'll see.

My legs ache still. That seems a good thing.

(no subject)

It's been a long day already. I want to go home to sleep. Yet I signed up to volunteer at this event tonight. It lasts just two hours. Surely I can handle that. Yes, but I don't want to. I just feel tired.

missing kathy

Well, I just got home from volunteering at the pier in Pismo. Three hours of standing and helping people get started decorating ornaments. I am not doing Kathy Smith tonight. Such a decision. Hard to make, honestly.