November 25th, 2001


It's Sunday

The daycare center won't let me bring Joey in because Mary had not listed me as one of the persons who can do that. Even though she would be picking Joey up! It's hard to see the logic in this. I decided to stay another day instead of taking Joey to his other grandmother.

Last night we went to the Palms, where Mary works, had dinner in the food court and went to a movie - Novocaine. I'd not put it on a top-ten list but it has enough imaginative elements and funny situations to make it worth seeing. Steve Martin is not a great actor and although I thought Helena Bonham Carter did well with what she had, the plot line was so improbable and her character so simplistic that I couldn't exactly warm up to her either. On the plus side, the use of X-ray segments (moving mouths) interspersed with the normal views was cool, and some of the twists funny.

No personal email again today. I sent something to Dwain yesterday that rambled on and I am afraid it may have sounded hurt and ...well, the kind of thing I do that is not good.