November 24th, 2001


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I started writing something in Word to move here later, but kept getting kicked off line every time I tried to get it up here. That was on my laptop. I always have trouble staying online with that computer. Maybe the modem needs some kind of upgrade. Or maybe I just need another modem.

Joey is being quiet. Too quiet.


Not much going on now. We went to Food 4 less, bought some kitty food and a couple of screwdrivers, came back. Joey has been acting like he might sleep for a couple of hours now. I seem not to be figuring out how to make that happen.

I read and think and watch.

It's always something

I wrote quite a bit in Word, watching Joey go to sleep, and saved it on a floppy so I could bring it to Mary's computer and put it in my journal. But her floppy drive doesn't recognize the disk. These floppy drives have not gotten any better over the years.

Joey's been asleep since a little after 1:30. Crashed next to the couch, on the floor. Elaine came over and we talked. Money worries. I have had them for so long myself that I know how it feels. I can't honestly say I am clear, not until I have a really substantial savings, which may be never. But it's gotten easier lately. I do fear going back to that other situation, a few dollars away from the edge all the time.