November 15th, 2001


Counting again

Today I tried out "The Hare" FIRM workout for the first time. My lower body workout is taken from both the tortoise and the hare workouts, but mostly from the Hare, so there was floor work in there that was familiar. Not easy, but familiar. The aerobic section uses a lot of dance steps plus that low step, which I do not have, so I am not very good at it. But it looks like I can learn. I want to find or make some kind of step so I can get onto it, giving myself whatever time I need to perfect the moves.

I decided, then, to count just the Tortoise and Hare workouts. that makes this no. 2. I will continue to do Kathy Smith and probably other workouts as well, but I am trying to encourage myself to use these, because they are longer and more difficult, are a kind of transition.

Dancin' fool

It was quite a treat. The hardest part was feeling comfortable with all the people I don't know, including the three men I danced with. I think I can handle better now than I could have a few years ago, though. We did the foxtrot tonight: I learned the basic step, the turn, a thing called the promenade that includes a swing, and a kind of side thing. Don't know what they are all called yet. There are many variations.