November 5th, 2001


And so I did and so I will

I had coffee on the porch, with crumpets and lingonberries. And my book. I sat in the fog, hearing the chirps of nearby birds, feeling the wonderful privacy of early morning, and sipped coffee from a china cup, inherited from my mother.

Later I will get on the phone - the cell phone that should work now because I bought it a new battery yesterday - and talk to the printer tech line. Get my printer working.

Now I will get into the shower.


I have a working printer. I feel like printing stuff but don't know what.

I got through to the Canon tech support this aft, no delay, and the guy was unable to solve the problem. So he suggested that I bring it back to Staples. I did not know I could do that. I did, they took it, they gave me another one. I had a brief problem with the cable setting but solved it and now the printer works. And it does work very well. Impressive with photographs. That takes a lot of tension from me.

The rehearsal was good, lasted until nearly ten. I feel we 'll be able to handle this music, but it will be up to Tom to pull the flow out of us - the softs and highs, the speed. He works very hard at concerts!

So glad to have the printer. Kathy Smith helped me past a residual headache.