October 28th, 2001


Daylight savings

I am waiting for my computer to tell me it's daylight savings...hasn't happened! How odd.

I got some sleep last night but as usual woke frequently. 198 pounds.

blowing it

I took my new Toro blower/vac out of its box and put it together. AS a vacuum. I went outside with it to vacuum the leaves in the driveway and street. The vacuum does not pick up as efficiently as a home vac, for example, so takes a little longer. I have figured out the way to do this is to use the blower to blow the leaves together, then use the vac to pick them up. I felt a little self-conscious because it was 7:30 am on Sunday, though, so did not follow through on that plan right now. I can take it out later, when there are other noises out there. The noise isn't really bad by any means. It isn't the whine of a typical high-powered blower, for example, and it isn't really loud. It's just there. My neighbors may be wondering what the hell has gotten into me. Next - an electric hedge trimmer? Could be. Although those things have driven me completely out of my skull when used for long periods right next door.