October 23rd, 2001



202.5 pounds. i can't pin this down by looking at what i eat and how i exercise. That is, i cannot find anything wrong. i think i haven't been drinking as much water. Looks like i will have to eat even less, though.

(no subject)

Sometimes I am just sleepy, don't want to be at work. If I weren't, though, I would likely be doing nothing worth doing.

I started something new. I wrote on a white board: "Why aren't you writing?" and below that I put my vapid answers. Maybe this will help me focus. Get rid of stuff in the way and find ways to work around these interferences.


Kathy Smith today, then dinner - wonderful Pad Thai - then dishes into the dishwasher, clothes out of the dryer, more clothes into the washer. But where is the rest of my energy? I should take out my Dorothy costume and fit it. At least pin it. I need it Saturday morning. So many things to do. I will work a little on the newsletter. And try on the dress.

It's enough

I edited Bette's piece so it was quite a bit shorter, then inserted it into the newsletter. Now I need to insert a few pictures and pull out some phrases and that will be that article. What else...auction. I need to mention the auction.