October 20th, 2001


off again on again

Seems I write in here rather sporadically. Not as sporadic as some but not regular, that's sure.

I have been dreaming of things to do with the Lautner foundation. Working out problems with newsletter layout, thinking of sending some kind of press release to magazines, mentioning the event, thinking of updating pages, getting the entango form filled out. Gotta do that.

But first, Mary's cheerleader outfit. Get from cleaners, pack, send. Then get to PAC for ticket to tonight's Merry Widow.

Dwain took me out to dinner last night. First time in so long I cannot remember. It was nice. We talked, we laughed, we ate. Good atmosphere, Cugini's - informal yet terrific food. We talked much about differences between men and women. Dwain keeps pointing out that men are simple. I have come to believe this, for the most part. He finds being a man in this age difficult, there being a need to balance basic instincts and new expectations. To be sensitive but still strong. I was suggesting that he may be not reading "what women want" quite right when he called upon a busboy who happened by to pick up plates. He asked the young man if he agreed with him; that it is tough being a male now. The young man said yes, having to be sensitive and yet not cry. Quite astute of him to find the thread so quickly.

There was a couple near us. I overheard a few words: "I have known you for only 12 hours..." I so wanted to hear the rest of that conversation. But we were soon back to our own and I forgot to listen. Listening in is one of my greatest pleasures.

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My sleep is so mixed up. I woke early, was up a while, went back to sleep. I just got up again. I dreamed, worried dreams. Bullet came to lie next to me and I took comfort from that. now I am up, dressed, almost awake, ready to go get the cheerleader outfit.


Prime Power tonight. I felt so sleepy. I slept a while again this afternoon. I wonder what is up this time. I still don't know if I will go to the Merry Widow. I am beginning to think I won't.