October 15th, 2001


home again

I could have written over the weekend but was using a cybercafe - $9 per hour - and was either not able to get to the cafe or was with someone else, so I just checked email quickly.

The weekend went well. It really seemed like I was getting rewarded for having so many things not going well over the previous weeks. There were many glitches in the tour and a little at the event, but there was much enthusiasm among those who came. When I think of all the people who now have been touched by this architecture I feel very proud to have taken a part in making it possible. We have also met many other people who can help us in the future.

Dwain came on the tour, was put off by the tour delays (because he had somewhere else to be in the early afternoon), but still loved the houses and I am sure enjoyed the comments of others. I had a good time with Dorothy and Elaine and as much as Rich as he would reveal.

I also took a hike up Runyon Canyon Friday evening, went for a walk on Hollywood Blvd on Saturday morning - REALLY early! - such a terrible place at 5:30 am! - and karol and I walked one of the longer routes in Runyon Canyon yesterday, so I didn't miss a day of exercise. The tours took a bit of effort as well, as we had to hike up steep driveways, sometimes fairly long.

Kelly was, again, gracious, sweet, generous with herself and her time. She is glad to do more for the Lautner foundation. I have much to do, I took many notes, but I feel really relieved that this is done now.


I am still tired. I should have taken a real nap. I started one this morning but was interrupted by a phone call. Started another this aft and the same thing happened, twice. Doomed. Perhaps i will sleep really well tonight.