October 12th, 2001


Up and at 'em

I have food packed, have read email, am about to get dressed. Wowee. Doing well. I haven't heard from Dwain so I am feeling sad, a little hurt, wondering what is going on. I wish I had stopped by there yesterday. It didn't occur to me.

A different day and a different person

I feel like I am someone else. Almost. I am ready ahead of time, have been. Have been putzing around. Made some tea, have been sitting on the porch reading. I have the street atlas of LA in my car. This isn't like me. but I sure like it this way. Maybe it's a sign that I have been doing something right somewhere. I still miss hearing from Dwain. There is probably a good explanation. I am too quick to make assumptions, to see him in bed with someone else, or, worse, thinking less and less of me. Whatever happens happens, with that.

I start the weekend at 200.5 pounds. Hope to hold my lead.