October 5th, 2001


a bit foggy

I am foggy so far but I think there's hope. I worry that another headache may descend this weekend. 202 pounds. That's three pounds in a month. Slow but if it continues I am very happy with it.

Perking up

I don't have a headache. I have done a video - I started with a tough one: Firm's Cross Trainers aerobics - but I just couldn't stick it. I can't follow Heather very well and she uses a low step in the routines, and I don't have a step that low. The moves are so fast I can't catch what they are and overall it is frustrating. I think if I had the right step and a little more perseverance I could get on it eventually but it would take several times. Maybe if I just looked at it that way, just expected to go a little farther each time, I could get there. I turned that one off after about 10 minutes and did Stacy instead, the Prime Power fat burning one.

I worked on my fingernails tonight. filed and polished with ever smoother files. Now, a little cuticle cream maybe.

The mail

I got a form from the clinic today. My blood test was "within normal limits", a little anemic. I think this suggests that there was some bleeding. I don't think there is any now.