October 2nd, 2001


Dreaming about dogs

I had dreams about having some kind of little dog, about taking it out for walks, actually meeting other dogs in hallways of hotels, something like that. I am losing it already.

202.5 pounds. The up and down stuff really drives me crazy. For a while I thought I should weigh myself just once a week but the way my scale is...it will say two different readings within a minute of each other, as much as 1.5 pounds apart. So I continue, remember it isn't always accurate, figure the general trend is down and that's what matters.

Shadow boxes and tablescapes

Decorating with Style is featuring ways to bring history into your decorating. Including shadow boxes with stuff from someone's past, and a "tablescape". Various items: a bust, plate, advertising banner, books...all nicely displayed on a table. But all I can think is who's going to dust that? Who's going to keep the cat off it?

Whine whine whine

My stomach problems seem less but my leg more. And it seems like my left leg is starting to have problems too. I am glad for the appointment but my chief worry is that there will be no clear answer. That seems to be the normal case with medical problems that I have, that many people have. Interesting.

looks like a day off

from exercise, anyway.

I have been to the doc - tests are underway - and to a steelhead seminar - part of it, anyway - and to work, and I have been home fighting a font problem with the newsletter, and I hope that's solved now. And Dwain has been here. So it's been a long day and I don't need the exercise.