September 29th, 2001


Good morning

It seems like I"ve been up forever already. I got up before six, had breakfast, read email, worked on the newsletter. I made coffee in the french press because the other one has a dead switch (did I mention that already?). And I sat on the porch with a cup of coffee and a book. Now that I have two blinds hanging along the side of the porch I have a greater sense of privacy and shade, and it looks nice. The plants are struggling to stay alive. The vinca do well, for some reason, but even the allysum are having troubles. I will keep watering and see what makes it. 199.5 pounds today. Something is working.

It is hot

I have been stalling about doing a workout. Last night it was Stacy again, then some of the stretching video. I have worked a lot on the newsletter and do need the break. Maybe in the time I work out some magic will enter my brain.