September 27th, 2001



I woke with another headache. Tylenol again. My stomach doesn't seem too bad though.

My coffee maker stopped working. The switch that goes between 2-4 cups and Max cups doesn't work so it won't make coffee at all. I have smelled something burning lately when I was making coffee but I thought it was just coffee on the heating base. Now to decide whether I try to replace that part or buy a new coffee maker. Used to be one could find parts. I know I won't be able to get them in town but maybe online. Worth a shot.


NOW what?? I guess it's time to take stock.
I think I actually have abdominal muscles. My balance is better. My posture is better. I have more energy. I seem to be stronger.

Yet still, every day, I talk myself into doing the video. I rarely miss doing one, Firm or Kathy Smith or something else.

Perhaps now I will make an effort to try to get into the Karen Voight videos. I need to buy or make myself some platforms. But shall I keep counting? I don't know.