September 26th, 2001



I woke with a headache. This time I took tylenol instead of excedrin. The excedrin doesn't seem to be doing the job anyway.

202.5 pounds. It seems I am going down on a staggered path. Likely I will go up and then down again.


I clicked through the channels and there was an opera excerpt on the Arts channel. I watched a bit and recognized Joan Sutherland! What a hoot! I wonder how old this clip is. Let's see if it says...1981. Excerpt from Norma, which I recall was her Big One.

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I just got logged into my home computer from work. It's pretty snazzy. But very slow. I can use all of the programs on there from here! I entered food into my diet program. That's something I would find very handy. I don't know that I want to pay $10 a month for that, though. Got to have more of a reason. I also figure it will be faster once I am connected by cable.


I am working on the Foundation newsletter now. If I let myself, I can get stuck on it for hours and not do any exercise. I didn't do any yesterday because I felt so bad (this morning wasn't much better) but now I feel like I can handle it. So I will take a break, do a video, get back to the newsletter.


I did Kathy tonight. my stomach hurt, my head too at times. I think I am going to have to make a doctor appointment, given my history. I am glad I did the video, anyway. It will probably give me a little more energy tonight.