September 23rd, 2001



I took Excedrin Migraine again for the headache I woke up with. Yesterday's headache started like this so maybe this one will go, too.

203.5 pounds, but last night I pigged out. I may see that weight surge in the next day or two. Today,though, I plan to do something active. More yard work and maybe a walk.

Workin' it

I got out there again and chopped and hauled several loads of branches and leaves to the dumpster. I like seeing the changes week by week. It's possible that my backyard will actually be usable some time soon. What a concept.


Now, isn't there something magic about the number 98? Stacy tonight. I was so hung up on creating a web page for the foundation event that the hours flew by and my back hurt and I wondered if I would ever get to a video. I did, late, and that's that, and I am glad.