September 20th, 2001


more videos

yesterday I got the two Karen Voight videos and the stretching video I ordered from Amazon. I am looking forward to giving them a try. Yesterday I also didn't do any videos. I invited Dwain for dinner and was running around trying to clear paths. As much work as I have done in this house it isn't nearly enough. My best bet is not to think about what is not done but to think about what is. I hung a bamboo blind outside on the porch to see how it looked, and it looks really good. It is a small one so I will need at least one more to provide screening from next door and block late afternoon sun. Dwain would like to see a few more so I can be on the porch naked...

Carol Duvall had a segment on making a necklace of clay beads and silk piping, and it was nice that it didn't pretend to be anything else. Now there is a guest using stamps for her "scrapbooking". WHat in hell are people putting in their scrapbooks?? I used to have a scrap book when I was a child. I put things in there that reminded me of special times. It seems like today it is all decoration. Although, of course, you could use these decorative touches with photos and so on.


Some of the things that were giving me headaches and making me wake up at night are done, out of the way. I feel relieved. There still are others but maybe I can cope now.

More equipment!

I put the legs and buns video in today (Karen). I did not read the back first. both videos require a step or platform, about 4" - 8". I tried a large dictionary for a bit, then moved to my Rubbermaid kitchen stool (that I use for FIRM stuff) but I soon felt I was not able to continue. Frustrating. I rewound the tape and I will use it again when I have something suitable. I will round out today by using the lower body FIRM workout. No equipment except weights, all on the floor. I am warmed up enough, sweating.


So I went for the lower body with Tracy. I could tell I had already done some work, which is good. I did Kathy Tuesday so this is okay, I think.