September 17th, 2001



So! Today I got my copy of the FIRM Parts:Upper Body, used, in the mail. This is the one I have tried to get three times. I guess three is the magic number. It is a compilation of upper body exercises from several different FIRM videos. And it is "classic", by which we mean some of the actions have since been replaced by different form and different speed. I think some of these things are done too quickly and involve too many twists. In other words, it would be fairly easy to hurt yourself unless you are experienced. The editing doesn't always show the whole move right off, so I did lots of things wrong. There were many sets!! I could only think, advanced exercisers, and yet I suspect that truly advanced folks would laugh at this.

It's discouraging to try things like this, but then it isn't. I mean, I find I have to pyramid down on the weights, compared to what I use in other vids, but over time perhaps I will gain gain gain. And get more comfortable with the unfamiliar moves.