September 15th, 2001


up too early

I couldn't sleep. I got up because I kept thinking about this new war. I am disturbed by it and can't help thinking that Bush wants his own war, just like his dad. I do not understand the wholesale support of the idea. The cost in money and lives. For what? I don't get it.

More yard work

I am in the back yard now. Raking and cutting, trying to work my way around, occasionally dipping into the pile of rose bush branches and adding them to the pile. It is rewarding, I will say that. It is more rewarding than, say, washing dishes. The piles of leaves and branches won't come back as quickly as the dishes do.

The back fence needs to be replaced. I can afford to buy the materials but am a little nervous about doing it. I would like to find a place that sells those ready-made fence sections. That really makes it easy. Put in the posts, then attach the sections.