September 13th, 2001


(no subject)

The day has not started well. Karol got me out of bed at six, needing to discuss the latest issue with the foundation events. I checked mail, tried to respond to what needed responding. Made coffee, took a shower, was combing my wet hair when Karol called again. Quick discussion. I closed what I could, grabbed coffee, leaving most in the pot, went out the door. I thought I'd get something to eat on the way to work.

I stopped at a convenience store. Found grapefruit juice and a carton of cottage cheese. Wouldn't have been my first choice but these stores offer little that's healthy and I figured protein is good for early-morning energy, even with the wrong kind of fat. I opened the carton in the car and found mold. Brought it back inside, had to wait for a refund, which I put in the can labeled "Red Cross". It was the principle of the thing, not the money.

I got to work and had to do last minute changes to a council report. I am still hungry and am thinking I had better go get something. Grapefruit juice is likely to dull me if that's all I get, and I feel the hint of another headache.

In a way, life is returning to normal. easy for me to say, of course.

No. 91

ah, Tracy, I have missed you. Two days without. It's an addictive kind of thing. When I start the video I think too much about how long I have to go yet, but then it draws me in and by the end I am one with the exercise. On a good day, anyway.

Dumpster Dreams

When I dragged some trash out to the dumpster this afternoon, I saw that the dumpster was almost empty. It will be emptied tomorrow so I felt I should take advantage. I raked and cut and filled and dumped and managed to load quite a bit of jungle into it. The side yard is looking pretty tidy right now, although there is still a fair amount of cutting and pulling and trimming and hauling to do. It's enough for now, for the side. But I really need to 1) get the rose branches into the dumpster, 2) get the stationary bike inside somewhere, along with wood and tools and odds and ends, 3) get rid of stuff outside that I don't need or want, and 4) trim the back yard and cover with mulch from across the street. That should be enough to make a real difference.