September 12th, 2001


The horror

I woke up, seeing pictures of people falling out of windows. I keep seeing that, seeing the plane heading straight for the tower. I think about all the people who started the day in an ordinary way, whose lives ended. I can't imagine the fear and terror of those in those planes. So many people dying.

I suppose that by not admitting to it, whoever has perpetrated this has succeeded in producing terror throughout the country, because we don't know where it came from or when something like this will happen again.

Livejournal is down for planned maintenance right now. Also, it has been overloaded, so many people staying in touch with others and themselves through their entries. I can't help but notice how most things are operating smoothly. I still go online, my phone still works, the television works, my banks are open. My sister Karol said gasoline prices have gone to over $4 a gallon near her and people have had to take unscheduled stops at the airport there, so are disoriented, disturbed. Ebay is still functioning - I won some bids and my two remaining auctions closed, so I packed up one of the things, for which I've already been paid through paypal. So much is proceeding as usual but we are all going to remember September 11 now.


The reports on the attacks have become more personal now. I listed to NPR on my way back from lunch today, and heard a tape of a woman telling about her brother. He was on the 99th floor of the second tower of the WTC, headed downstairs to evacuate, when the second plane hit. He had to go up to the 105th floor, where he got stuck. He talked to his sisters and brother on his phone, the last call when he suspected he was not going to get out alive. He asked his brother to take care of his children.

I had to fight back tears so I could arrive back at work looking normal.

Another day

And no exercise video again today. That's not a good trend if it becomes a trend but I say it won't.

So far I do not know anyone who has died in these attacks, nor anyone who knows someone who died, but to be sure I will. There are just too many.